They care about their customers and people in general. I would recommend TR Lee Oil & Gas to anyone who would like good service at a competitive price. Their auto repair business is honest too. They don't try to rip you off like the guy down the street. 100% nice people that run the businesses and that's my Yankee 2 cents for ya.
James S.
I moved to Clayton twenty + years ago and chose TR Lee for propane for fire logs. About 6-7 years ago I had a tank-less water heater installed and stuck with TR Lee as the supplier of propane for that. My experiences with them have been nothing but positive. I would highly recommend them.
William G.
I just want to say, my experience with TR Lee has been great. I was a customer of a local competitor that sold out to a much larger company (Suburban) and was being charged almost $5/gallon for propane. After running out of gas 5 times this winter, I switched to Lee. They not only gave me a MUCH lower rate, they came out and hooked me up the same day, took my worthless tank away, and were wonderful to work with.
LeeAnne P.
Have been a patron with them for over 23yrs and have had excellent service in propane, Mechanic and tires as well as gasoline. They have full service gas pumps which you don't find these days and being disabled this is a gold mine. They offer Non-ethynol premium gas which is all we use in cars and lawnmowers. I have and will continue to recommend them for their quality service and customer support.
Misty S.
Wonderful family and employees! Great service!
Karel L.
I like this Company. They are courteous, delivery is fast and the drivers are the best. Should you need LP give these folks a call.
Ben M.
I have had only the best and always courteous service from T R Lee. I don't expect them to fill me right before cold snap. They are a small local company, with only so many trucks and drivers. They will do the best they can. Once when the cost of propane had gone crazy, we got a fill up at a price you could not get anywhere else, but they only charged based on what they paid, not what the market would bear. They are far better than the various large chains we have dealt with.
Michael R.
Being a new customer, I first talked to a customer service rep; she was nice. Then she refered me to a person named Fred (the Vice President). He was very courteous. He got my information and said he would try to install and filled the propane tank by Saturday (today being Thursday). Later, I called back but got another gentleman on the phone. I told him to relay a message to Mr Fred for me. He relayed the message and Mr Fred himself called me to confirm the message in less than a two hour span. He had already made the work order out to service me within the next two days. That is EXCELLENT SERVICE during HIGH DEMAND season!

I look forward to experiencing EXCELLENT SERVICE with this company in the future. Give them a call, Mr FRED will treat you right!

Based on my initial experience, I would HIGHLY recommend this company!
I have been with T.R. Lee since I moved into my house nearly 17 years ago. I like them very much. I remember being low on gas just prior to the big snow storm back in 2006, and I thought I was up the creek! I called on Monday morning. At 7:00PM that same day, the storm had started and it was dark. I heard a rumble in my driveway, and the truck had arrived. They filled my tank just in time. I will never forget that customer service and how grateful I was!
Barney F.
Excellent service in South Raleigh/ Garner. I called, they were polite, they came, they filled, their prices were lowest. They even squeezed me in ahead of others when I stupidly let my tank go empty.
Hans K.